We’ve all had that childhood dream of becoming a famous dancer or a part of a circus troupe, or maybe you just want to improve your fitness.  At Meraki Circus, Dance & Entertainment, you can turn those dreams into a reality with a wide range of fun classes for all!


A popular and exciting circus discipline. It is a fun way to get active, and build strength and confidence. Learn how to move, climb, hang and perform skills and tricks on trapeze, silks, and aerial hoop / lyra!! 
These classes book quickly!


Learn how to master the technique of fire arts manipulation with props such as poi, staff, hoop, fans and palm candles! Work on foundational skills or building on existing ones, creating your own unique flow in order to eventually choreograph and ignite you light! 


A fun way to get fit! Using the hoop we learn basic moves, such as handling, controlling, and moving with the hoop, as well as core strengthening, balancing, and building stamina. First time hoopers will be hooping around the waist and learning fun tricks in no time with our quick and easy tips! For more intermediate and advance students, we have some tricks up our sleeve to cater to you too!


This is exactly what the name of this class involves! Do you want to learn how to handstand or work on improving your current ability? Or have you ever dreamed of being to do the splits? And get bendy and build a strong core with some fantastic back extension exercises. This class is about developing and building on foundational strength, flexibility and balance to compliment our other classes and to prepare you for further acrobatic lessons coming in term 2! Each student will be supported in their own unique strengths and goals.


This class combines the cardio benefits of a brisk, focused body weight workout session, with circus technique.  Why go to the gym when you can climb, balance and play your way to a strong physique and coordinated body?  You will gain strength and flexibility with these classes, not just to compliment other dance and circus classes, but for your all round health. Come and find out just how easy it is to get in shape and have lots of fun at the same time! Activities are always tailored to suit all levels.


This is an all ages, all levels class!! We will be working on a fun and playful routine with easy to learn choreography broken down into sections so you can join at anytime! A mix of songs and styles from past and present - there is something in it for everyone! Not compulsory, but for those keen - we will getting ready to Flash Mob at the 1770 Festival!


While moving freely through space we explore an innovative and highly creative dance form. The freedom of movement that contemporary allows also affords dancers with less training or technique to still enjoy dance. Connect within yourself and explore new possibilities of expressive movement.


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